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All hail Russia! The new rulers of LiveJournal

last.fm charts 2016

Ahh, I'm back to dump my 2016 stats here this time. So here we go again,

Most Played artists of 2016

Most played songs of 2016

Happy 2017, I think soon I might come here and post something with a little substance.


last.fm charts 2015

2015 was actually a long time ago now, but since last.fm won't bring back the journals they took away 13 months ago I have to put this somewhere for the time being until they sort their website out.

Most Played Artists of 2015:

Most played songs of 2015:

My top 10 albums of 2015

Another year is about to end, and another is almost upon us. And to end the year I will commemorate with my top 10 albums of 2015!

1. Marilyn Manson - The Pale Emperor
Marilyn Manson returned in 2015 with arguably his best album since Holy Wood. The Pale Emperor was raw,bluesy,atmospheric and mature. It gets my number 1 spot

2. Faith No More - Sol Invictus
Faith no More were my favorite band as a kid growing up. So naturally I was thrilled when they released a new album. You wouldn't even know they had been gone as they take off where they left off in 1997

3. The Prodigy - The Day is My Enemy
And another band from the 90s returned to form in 2015 with The Day is my Enemy. And to be honest, I wasn't expecting much from them this time around, the last album was mediocre, and they'd been gone for a while. But as soon as I pressed play on this album I instantly turned the volume up to 110 and left it there for the rest of the summer

4. The Soft Moon - Deeper
A fav band of mine for the past 4 years or so and still I wasn't expecting the amazingness of their 2015 release Deeper. It seems Luis Vasquez has taken a leaf from Trent Reznors books, and taken the usual Dream Pop/Post-Punk sounds of The Soft Moon in a more harsher industrial direction and it has definitely paid off

5. Cemetery - Wind and Shadows
Chicago's finest in the new wave of Deathrock/Post-Punk returned with their 2nd EP and it's even better than the first

6. Killing Joke - Pylon
Post-Punk Pioneers Jaz Coleman and Killing Joke return with their now standard Industrial Metal. And it's one of 2015's best

7. Christian Death - The Root of all Evilution
This isn't Valor Kands best work. But that doesn't mean it's nessesarily a bad album. In fact it's number 7 on my list!

8. Claudio Simonetti - Demons The Soundtrack Remixed
Italian Horror film Demons (Demoni),by legendary Dario Argento and Lamberto Bava has been my favorite film since I first saw it as a 6-7 year old. The soundtrack by Goblin (Claudio Simonetti) got a remix release this year. Featuring remixes by Ohrg of Skinny Puppy,and Dope Stars Inc. To name a few. So naturally this was going to be a favorite release for me in 2015

9. Chelsea Wolfe - Abbys
More of the same dark moody atmospheric sounds one would expect from Chelsea Wolfe. Possibly her best work so far

10. Drab Majesty - Careless
I really want to put this album higher on the list but I only heard it for the first time last week unfortunately. Brilliant sounds from the recent new wave of post-punk

Seen Live

This is a selected list of various bands I've seen live so far:

Marilyn Manson
Faith No More
The Cure
Nine Inch Nails
The Smashing Pumpkins
The Birthday Massacre
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
Skeletal Family
Lydia Lunch
The Eden House
A Perfect Circle
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry
P J Harvey
Disjecta Membra
Eve of Destiny
Sheep on Drugs
Theatre of Hate
Pet Shop Boys
Terminal Gods
Part 1
Los Carniceros del Norte
Dr Kervorkian and the Suicide Machine
Uk Decay
Primal Scream
Atari Teenage Riot
Public Enemy
Rabies Babies
The Mob
Cold in Berlin
Zombina and the Skeletones
Petra Flurrr
Ghost of Lemora
Grooving in Green
Skat Injector
Factory Floor
The Alabama 3
The Mercy Cage
The Mescaline Babies
Red Sun Revival
Juliet and the Licks
Petrol Bastard
The Carnys
Vince Ripper and the Rodent Show
The Village People
Daughters of God
Maria & the Mirrors
Jordan Reyne
The Infinite Three
The FANatics
Die Die Die
Fur Patrol
Keller Kinder
Pretty Addicted
Kurt Dirt
Lil and the Letz
Faerground Accidents
Hercules and Love Affair
Sullen Moon
Nu Pogodi!
Tuff Titty
Starfig Newton
From the Dark
Spastic Burn Victim

Serve The Servants

9th April 1994

I was 11 years old, old enough to be feeling discontemp at my life and resentment to my family members. When 1994 began terrible events began happening in my life,many things were changing for the worst.

Life beforehand hadn't been so bad, or when it had been, I had been too young to realise. By now at school I was increasingly alienated by my peers, and shunned by my teachers. My favorite band was Nirvana. Their music was powerful, angry, sad and uplifting at the same time. I'd jump excitedly on my bed singing along to the songs, with their morbid and dark subject matter which struck a chord with me, complemented with catchy and rocking music. It was my perfect remedy, my escape

I awoke that autumn morning, it was a saturday in New Zealand. I was playing Rugby in Wellingtons under 11 age group for Northern United. I got changed by the heater in the lounge as usual into the blue shorts, blue and white socks and white with blue striped jersey, turned on the radio and ate breakfast, again as usual. Then the news came on, and they announced "Kurt Cobain, lead singer of rock band Nirvana was found dead this morning in his Seattle home" My world crumbled, my heart shattered, my hero, my idol was dead.

For the next few weeks/months, I lost it. At 11 years old these kinds of things have a more powerful effect. I became even more isolated, Began self harm and was sent to counseling.

That was 20 years ago today, things have changed a lot since then, for the better, and I'm no longer obsessed with Nirvana as I was then. But it was a significant moment in my childhood, and the point of this is to commemorate Kurt Cobain 20 years later, and to awknowledge the impact his life, creativity, music had on me.


20-2-67  5-4-94


Significant albums in my life

This is the kind of thing you post when you are bored on a rainy monday afternoon

The first album I ever brought was- POISON- Look what the Cat dragged in

It was Christmas Day 1989 and one of my presents was a $20 music voucher for Chelsea Records. The next day I went to Chelsea Records in Porirua and went to go buy Posion- Look what the Cat Dragged in on cassette tape. I think this is one of the reasons I wear makeup today, that and I was a big fan of WWF wrestling which was popular at the time and many of those guys wore glittery capes and makeup/facepaint and all sorts of other stupid shit.

The album with the best artwork is- GARY NUMAN- Pure


This is one of the best albums I ever owned. And I got it in 2001, which was a very dark, but also special period of my life. The artwork/photography suits the music perfectly, It's very etheral but harsh at the same time.

The album I wish Id made is- MARILYN MANSON- Mechanical Animals


I chose this one because it's my favorite album of all time. I was 15 when this came out so it was the perfect transition as I was growing up, and in this album Manson did too and dropped the camp horror,the spooky image and Industrial/Metal sound and took influence from David Bowie and Bauhaus

A kid asks me what goth is. I give them-  BAUHAUS- In the Flat Field


This album came out in 1980, This was the beggining of the period Goth music thrived, and this album is one of the pioneers of the movement. Tracks like Stigmata Martyr In the flat field, are some of the darkest songs to be spat out of the punk/post punk movement. and Bela Lugosi's dead would have been on this had it not been released as a single a year earlier.

The album that makes me want to fight is- DEAD KENNEDYS- In God we trust

I don't ever WANT to fight. I am a pacifist, I've just been involved in a few scuffles here and there. So it was hard to think of music that makes me want to fight. I guess stuff like Coldplay makes me want to fight the members of Coldplay haha. So I chose Dead Kennedys - In God we trust. Primarily cos it makes me want to go smash up banks and high end shops, and throw bricks at facists etc.. Plus the song Nazi Punks Fuck Off is on this album nuff said :)

The first album I had sex to is- DEPECHE MODE- Ultra

The 1st few times I had sex were in places such as Cemetaries,Alley Ways and Childrens Playgrounds. Places where music wasn't playing. But the 1st time I remember having sex inside was when I was about 19, me and someone went back to my house one saturday afternoon with a Bottle of Whisky and some Coke and got drunk in my lounge, at some point I put on this album and was drunkenly singing along then they threw themselfs on top of me and it went from there. It's possible they did this to shut me up from singing, who knows. A great album, but not very "sexy"

The album I want to be remembered for is - CANDYSCAR- Rust and Decay

This was an unfinished EP we recorded from 2005-2008 in my bedroom in Wellington New Zealand. There were roughly 23 finished and almost finished songs we were working on. Very few people even heard them. We only played about 9 songs ever live and 2 rough demo's exist on our myspace and last.fm pages, but sadly the best stuff is sitting on a hard drive in my suitcase. Hopefully one day I'll find a way to get them back and/or re-record some new ones. We were a shitty band but it was a lot of fun

Nobody will believe I own a copy of- T.A.T.U- 200km/h In the wrong lane

I've owned a few shitty albums over the years. But I have to choose this one because I actually loved this album, and I still do.

The album that should not be is- CHRISTIAN DEATH- Atrocities


Before I start, I don't hate Valor Kand, and I think some of the stuff he's done for Christian Death is good. BUT the biggest Atrocity (see what I did there) here is he should never have used the name Christian Death. He even initially agree'd not to when Rozz ended Christian Death

The album I want played at my funeral is- FAITH AND THE MUSE - Elyria


I choose this because it is beautiful,dark,melancholic and etheral. Plus it's a funeral so a darkwave album seems more appropriate than something a bit more loud and fast and angry. I especially love the track 'Sparks', one of my favorite songs of all time by anyone.

I've had this account for years and have yet to write a thing. I guess I had enough of my Journals being front page news? Don't know. Well now i have broken the silence.
This is so 2001 i love it!